Project Objective


  1. Generate a number of Nanobody (Nb) libraries that are capable of recognizing all four major African trypanosome species.
  2. Develop new, rapid, and easy to use Nb-based trypanosomiasis diagnostic tools based on parasite detection. This will replace the current low-specificity agglutination assays that are based on anti-parasite antibody detection. The nanobody technique proposed avoids expensive, labour intensive molecular techniques that impose extensive requirements on infrastructure and equipment maintenance.
  3. Assessment of the use of anti-trypanosome Nbs as drug targeting molecules as proof of principle for the treatment of experimental trypanosomiasis.
  4. Develop a forum for exchange of knowledge in which researchers from participating developing countries can get first hand experience in the further development of Nb-technology, and in which new trypanosome diagnostic and treatment campaigns are linked to HAT and livestock trypanosomiasis awareness programs.